Alfawwal – الفوال

مجموعة مطاعم الفوال من يافا الى الأردن

The beginning in Yaffa (The Mermaid) by Grandfather Theeb Hamada

And then we moved to Amman (the capital of Jordan) and soon in the markets of the Gulf, North Africa and the European Union, God willing.

  • Al-Fawwal Restaurants was established in 2002, and it was a blessed start
  • We seek permanent development, introducing advanced recipes from our products, and training human cadres at the highest level
  • We have a high level of control, internal cleanliness and adherence to international standards.


We have made achievements and customers are satisfied with the quality and the right price, and we aspire to do more to be one of the best restaurants for popular food, hummus, beans and falafel in the Middle East.

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